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“Who do people say I am?”


It’s a good question. People have been speculating on who the real Jesus is for the past two millennia. People still speculate about him today. Some say he was a teacher. Some say he was a good man. Some say he was a prophet – a preacher – a mystic. Some say its impossible to know who he really was. Yet no-one can deny his influence over history.

“But what about you?”

“Who do you say I am?”


That’s a harder question to answer.

You might have had his name on your lips this week when you were frustrated by the traffic – or when you stubbed your toe. You might have been told a lot about him as a child. But have you ever read his story for yourself?

As a church we want to help people learn about the real Jesus. We think you’ll find him more controversial, more outrageous and more liberating and inspiring than you expect. We also think you’ll find him the source of more hope than you ever imagined.

We run a four week course to help people read the story of Jesus for themselves and ask questions. It’s relaxed but thought-provoking. There’s no commitment to return after week one. There’s usually food.

If you’re interested then get in touch.